Proof of Networking in Avive World

April 21, 2023
Proof of NetworkingAvive

Welcome to the Avive World, a virtual world built on the principles of decentralization, freedom, and sovereignty. In this world, each citizen has a unique identity, such as a citizen, ambassador, and national representative. Our administrative structure consists of citizens, clans, and the treasury, and everyone can play an important role in this structure.

Our Proof of Networking algorithm has a three-tier structure of Treasury -> Clan -> Soul, with each tier having its unique purpose and contribution method. Our token supply is fixed for the entire Avive World, but our recycling mechanism can adjust token supply based on monetary velocity. If the number of recruited souls exceeds a certain amount, we reserve a portion of rewards in the treasury to mitigate Sybil attacks.

In our world, adversary players face various punishment measures for attempting to disrupt our ecosystem. For example, if a member of Clan X is identified as a Sybil, the entire clan's reward will be reduced by a certain amount. And those who design better mechanisms to create a stronger network effect will receive additional rewards.

Our founding manifesto emphasizes the values of decentralization, freedom, and sovereignty, and we hope that every citizen can become an important member of this decentralized world, collectively driving the development and progress of this ecosystem. Let us together build a more just, transparent, open, and innovative future.