Introducing the Avive Partner Voyage Campaign

Sept 15, 2023
Avive PartnerWeb3

In an age riddled with counterfeit accounts and automated bots, the urgency to validate online user identities has reached a pivotal moment. Avive, a decentralized platform, has boldly taken up this challenge with a vision to transform geosocial verification into a seamless and dependable process. At the core of this transformative mission lies the Avive Partner program, a cornerstone element propelling the evolution and success of geosocial verification.

1. Upholding the Principles of Decentralization: Avive Partners Chosen from the Community

While the Avive team boasts diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in the blockchain and web3 sectors, our unwavering commitment to the principles of decentralization, transparency, and fairness lays the solid foundation for the selection of Avive Partners. We believe in a democratic, community-driven approach, and as such, Avive Partners are exclusively chosen from within our vibrant community.

2. Embracing Diversity in Geosocial Verification Practices: Representing Varied Regions and Backgrounds

Avive Citizen embodies a global community, where members represent diverse nations, backgrounds, languages, and religious beliefs. In celebration of this rich tapestry of diversity, we actively seek Avive Partners from within our community to collaborate in the pursuit of geosocial verification. This diversity fuels innovation and fosters a more inclusive approach to identity verification.

3. Exclusive PODF NFTs for All Avive Partner Applicants

We value the dedication and commitment of all Avive Partner applicants. As an expression of our gratitude, every applicant, regardless of the outcome, will receive a limited edition PODF(Proof of Digital Footprint) NFT. This NFT stands as a testament to their active participation in Avive project activities, symbolizing their identity within our thriving community. Their ongoing engagement in these activities further enhances their profile's credibility.

In addition to the exclusive NFT, Avive Partner applicants will also earn Avive Points, empowering them with a defined role and influence within our ecosystem. These points amplify their significance and contribution within the Avive community.

4. Rewards for Our Chosen Avive Partners:

Selected Avive Partners, meticulously chosen based on their compelling application narratives, play an integral role in steering the development of our entire ecosystem. They collaborate closely with the Avive project team to facilitate user geosocial verification, aligning with our established protocols. Their unwavering commitment to this mission is of paramount importance.

In recognition of their invaluable contributions to the Avive ecosystem, our chosen Avive Partners will receive rewards, affirming their status as pioneers in building the Avive world. These rewards may encompass airdrops, giveaways, exclusive NFTs, and other exclusive opportunities.

Avive Partner isn't merely a title; it signifies a steadfast commitment to ensuring a safer and more authentic online experience for all. Join us on our voyage to reshape the digital landscape, one geosocial verification at a time. Together, we can forge a better online world, where authenticity and trust stand as the pillars of our digital society.