How to Become an Avive Partner?

Sept 18, 2023
Avive PartnerWeb3

In an era where online authenticity and trust are paramount, Avive offers a unique opportunity for those holding Avive profiles. We invite you to embark on a journey to become an Avive Partner—a role that comes with both responsibility and the chance to shape the future of online verification. Here's how you can join us:

1. Criteria for Avive Partner Application:

Applying for Avive Partner is free, but there is a gas fee required to put your data on the blockchain. Additionally, you must be an Avive profile holder to apply. If you already have one, you're on the right track, and we welcome your participation.

For those who do not yet have an Avive profile, don't worry. The Avive free mint event is still online. Simply mint one first by visiting this link: Avive Profile Mint

2. Crafting Your Personal Statement Letter: Articulate Your Vision

To apply for the Avive Partner role, you'll need to create a personal statement letter. In this letter, express your vision for Avive, share your professional background, and outline how you plan to contribute to the Avive ecosystem. Your personal statement letter is your canvas to illustrate your passion for our platform.

Please note that your personal statement will be publicly displayed upon submitting your Avive Partner application. This serves two purposes: to enable the community to better understand your vision and plans, and to facilitate public oversight to ensure you fulfill your responsibilities and drive community development.

3. Voluntary Asset Pledging: Demonstrating Commitment

This step is entirely voluntary, yet it reflects your dedication to building Avive. You can choose to pledge virtual assets as evidence of your commitment to the Avive ecosystem. It may become a criterion for Avive Partner selection.

1. You can submit a partner application without pledging assets.

2. If you choose to pledge tokens but are not selected as a partner, you can redeem your assets immediately.

3. If you are chosen as a partner and pledge tokens, there is a 60-day lock-up period during which you cannot redeem the assets. After 60 days, you can decide whether to continue pledging. (If you redeem your assets within the 60-day lock-up period after becoming a partner, you will automatically lose your partner status.)

A smart contract will be employed to ensure absolute transparency in the token pledge process. This smart contract embodies the core principles of decentralization, transparency, and community participation. It will be open source, meaning that its code will be fully accessible and inspectable by the community, allowing for complete transparency and community oversight.

4. Accountability and Ethical Conduct: Upholding Trust

Becoming an Avive Partner is an honor and a significant responsibility. You will hold a position that demands the highest level of integrity. Any misuse of your role, such as engaging in false verifications or actions that harm our ecosystem, may lead to consequences. In such cases, the assets you pledged could be used to compensate affected users, underscoring the importance of ethical conduct.

Join us on the journey to becoming an Avive Partner. Your adventure commences with your personal statement letter, where you can share your vision and commitment to shaping a safer and more authentic online world.

Together, we can revolutionize geosocial verification and build a more trustworthy digital future.