From Worldcoin’s Centralization to Avive’s Decentralized Inclusive Future

July 28, 2023

Avive is the world’s largest onchain VC-free sovereign community, aims at building an inclusive future where the global wealth landscape is reshaped and where opportunities are redistributed.

We take a different path from other traditional crypto projects, especially worldcoin

1.VC shackles with Worldcoin VS. Rise Together with Avive

With 13.5% of the Worldcoin total supply (1.35 billion $WLD) allocated to VCs/Private investors at the current value of 2.33 USDT per $WLD, they have already amassed a staggering 3.1455 billion USDT, while majority of the users encountering the frustrating message:"Worldcoin is not yet available in your country" on their phones. It seems the rich gets richer while the rest of us are left behind

While Avive takes a different path: No VC and No private sale. By not relying on external funding, Avive can focus on long-term development instead of short-term financial returns. Put it simply, there won’t be whales dumping coins on you once listed on the exchange. Wealth fairly distributed to the community

2.Centralized Manipulation with Worldcoin VS. Decentralized mechanism with Avive

Worldcoin's Orbs, with their hardware-based system, present a concerning vulnerability - the potential for backdoors to be covertly installed. This opens the door for unscrupulous manufacturers to fabricate numerous fake human identities, undermining the very essence of trust and authenticity that blockchain technology should uphold. Don't fall for their illusory promises; Worldcoin's flawed approach fails to deliver on its claims.

In stark contrast, Avive's innovative Proof of Networking method embraces a fair and blockchain-based solution to verify humanhood. By validating identities through interpersonal connections within the Avive ecosystem, this approach champions fairness and equity. The decentralized nature of Avive's system fosters a secure and trust-filled environment, empowering individuals to be genuine contributors to the network.

3.Privacy Breach with Worldcoin VS. Privacy Shield with Avive

Worldcoin orb scan users’ retinas, which are deemed to be the most sensitive biometric data, is a conduct of privacy infringement. Once compromised, they cannot be reset like passwords. In the hands of the wrong parties, such data could be weaponized, enabling surveillance, identity theft, or worse.

Unlike worldcoin, avive adopts a privacy-conscious approach with no such data collection. Avive's revolutionary Proof of Networking method provides identity verification through a decentralized social verification process, which eliminates the need for invasive data collection.

4.Avive has better decentralized tokenomics:

Worldcoin's orb, the verification equipment of personhood, is a centralized manufacturer-made hardware, which can pose potential security risks and lacks the transparency of a decentralized approach.

In contrast, Avive's Proof of Networking(PON) offers a decentralized social verification mechanism, empowering individuals to validate their identity through interpersonal connections within the Avive ecosystem. Also, Avive Anchor serves as a connectivity station enabling users to tokenize online/offline tangible and intangible assets(RWA-Real World Assets), opening up a multi-trillion dollar market. By adopting both PON and Anchor mechanisms, Avive not only ensures a robust and trustworthy verification system but also motivates a wider community to actively participate and contribute to the network's growth and prosperity.