Avive Sets the Bar: No VC, No Private Sale, No Ads In The App

Aug 09, 2023

Avive, the world's largest token-gated community, is disrupting the crypto space with its unique community-driven model. Unlike other projects, Avive stands out by prioritizing the needs and interests of its community members above all else.

With a strong emphasis on community empowerment, Avive has set itself apart from traditional crypto projects in several significant ways:

  • No VC Involvement: Avive's commitment to independence is evident through its rejection of venture capital (VC) involvement. This decision ensures that the project remains community-focused, free from the influence of external investors. By excluding VC funding, Avive maintains its dedication to the principles of decentralization and community ownership.
  • No Private Sale: Avive's inclusive approach extends to its fundraising strategy. By refraining from private sales, Avive ensures that all community members have equal access to project participation and token distribution. This commitment to fairness and transparency ensures that the benefits of Avive's success are shared among all community members.
  • No Ads In The App: Avive believes in creating an authentic and uninterrupted user experience within its platform. By eliminating intrusive advertisements, Avive enables users to engage with the app without distractions. This user-centric approach fosters a positive and immersive environment for the community to connect, share ideas, and explore the full potential of Avive.

"Avive is built for the community, by the community," said Swagata Das, Core Contributor at Avive. "We believe that true success in the crypto space lies in fostering a thriving community that actively participates and shapes the project's future. Our focus on transparency, fairness, and community empowerment sets us apart from other projects."

Avive's community-driven approach cultivates a vibrant ecosystem where users can actively contribute to the project's growth and development. By placing the power in the hands of the community, Avive aims to create a decentralized, fair, and liberated social world that reflects the values and aspirations of its users.

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