Avive's Dormancy Dilution: Fostering Active Engagement in the Crypto Community

July 13, 2023
AnnouncementDormancy Dilution

Avive is a unique crypto project that values active participation and engagement within its community. The Dormancy Dilution mechanism implemented by Avive ensures that only active and committed users are rewarded, while inactive users face penalties in the form of coin reduction.

The idea behind this is that a strong and active community is essential for the success of any decentralized network. In the case of Avive, we believe that the users who deserve to be rewarded are those who contribute to the growth and success of the network. This could include inviting friends to join the network, participating in discussions, or otherwise helping to build trust and engagement within the community.

On the other hand, users who are inactive or do not support the network may experience Dormancy Dilution, resulting in a gradual reduction of their coin balance. This means that their coins will be diluted as a penalty for not actively participating in the network.

At Avive, we believe that this approach is fair and ensures that only those users who are actively involved in the community can earn and retain their coins. By rewarding active and engaged members of the community, we are able to foster a sense of trust and collaboration that is essential for the success of the network.

Users who are not actively supporting the network by tapping on the Avive logo button to initiate a new mining session will experience Dormancy Dilution, gradually reducing their coin balance.

During the first 15 days of inactivity, the user's coins will remain intact. From the 15th day onwards, their coin balance will start to dilute gradually.

Continued Dormancy Dilution will occur from the 16th day until the 50th day of inactivity, resulting in further coin reduction.

If a user does not enter the Avive application for 50 consecutive days, they will lose all the coins earned, and no coin recovery options will be available.

By implementing this Dormancy Dilution mechanism, Avive ensures that its community remains active, engaged, and committed to the project's success. Active participation is valued, and users who contribute consistently are rewarded, while inactive users face gradual coin reduction to encourage ongoing engagement and discourage dormancy.