Avive Genesis NFT Mint Is Coming

Aug 15, 2023
AnnouncementGenesis NFT

Avive, the world's largest decentralized Universal Basic Income (UBI) community, announces the highly anticipated launch of the Avive Genesis NFT mint event next week. This event aims to empower Avive citizens with enhanced rights and privileges while honoring their exceptional contributions during the early stages of Avive's development.

Avive Genesis NFTs

Avive Genesis NFTs are a testament to our deep appreciation for the unwavering support of our dedicated community members. These exclusive tokens hold inherent value at the core of the Avive ecosystem, granting their holders access to a realm brimming with exclusive privileges and rewards.

Privileges of Avive Genesis NFT Holders

Holders of Avive Genesis NFTs gain entry into a realm of enhanced perks and benefits within the Avive ecosystem.

As a Genesis NFT holder, your privileges encompass but are not confined to:

1. Early KYC: Expedited KYC processes and swift withdrawals for Genesis NFT holders.

2. Mining Boost: Genesis NFTs come with mining bonuses, enhancing soul power for mining

3. Early Access to MPC & AA Wallet: Seamlessly create crypto wallets without seed phrases and enjoy gasless transactions!

4. Future Exclusive Giveaways & Airdrops: Enjoy exclusive events reserved solely for Genesis NFT holders.

5. Early Access to Social Verification: Swift-track your social verification status.

6. Fast-Track Partner Application: Gain priority in validator/node partner applications.

7. All-Access Ticket To Future Avive Ecosystem Events: Enjoy priority access to upcoming Avive ecosystem events, ensuring you're part of every moment.

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